Here at Complete Plumbing Heating and Air, we are excited to launch our blog about the world of plumbers, air conditioners, furnaces, and water filtration systems. This is a world that might not seem exciting, but it’s critical for our lives and health. With over 30 years of experience offering AC repair, plumbing, HVAC repair and installations, and even designing our own water filters, we have a few things to say regarding their maintenance, safety, and more.

Water Filtration

In the La Harba Area and across the United States, there are a number of concerning issues regarding our water systems. We have some of the most advanced technologies in the world, and yet there are places all over the United States that have water quality that affects our health negatively. Some rare areas have water that is downright dangerous to drink. Knowing this, we hope to provide a wealth of basic and then advanced information regarding the health benefits of quality water filtration systems.

Air Conditioning

In Southern California, this is one of the most important parts of your home in terms of livability and comfort. With record high temperatures well above 100 degrees, we have worked on air conditioners for decades and have a number of tips and tricks, as well as information for the care and maintenance of your AC unit


Furnace repair and safety inspections are one of the gold standards of our business, and all of our technicians are factory-trained to know the hardware of their service section (Air conditioning, plumbing, water filtration, or furnaces) inside and out. This means that we will be covering everything from custom designs to maintenance tips to proper safety practices.


This is our oldest branch, and we have the most to say on it. We will discuss easy fixes, give a load of tips and tricks, and look at different plumbing options for those installing new water and waste systems.

Let’s Get Going!

We hope that as you journey into this world of ours, you get a better understanding of these systems that are critical to living a healthy, modern, and comfortable life. By following our blog, you’ll learn great ways to keep your home in working order, your body in good health, and your home safe. If you are living in the La Harba area, Orange County, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, or other surrounding areas, contact us for a free quote and troubleshoot!